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Tima table for semester one -2015  

Time :5-8 PM

Day Group(A) Group(B)
Course Course
Sunday Foundations Of Finance Fundamentals Of Accounting
Monday Essentials Of Business Mgt Principles Of Economics
Tuesday Principles Of Economics Business Statistics
Wednesday Business Statistics Foundations Of Finance
Thursday Fundamentals Of Accounting Essentials of Business Mgt
Place A(1) A(2)

Congratulations to all batch 2012 MBA holders, it has been a long journy with its ups and downs but mostly made fantastic and memorable by the unique and interesting blend of attending students.The most important take home from this beutiful gathering are the relations and friendships formed.

The overall result:

The 2012 batch started with 212 students, 109 completed to the 4th semester


From the final 109 students, there are: 69 Pass, 42 Supp and Sub exams, 5 Resit and 8 Diplomas


The overall average grades are as follows


Top students by overall grade: (Calculated as: A = 70, B+ = 65, B = 60, C+ = 55, C = 50, F = 40)

  1. Rayan Omer Mohamed
  2. Amna Alhaj Hamad
  3. Amna Abdelkarim Ismail
  4. Ayat Ali Alhaj
  5. Ibrahim Alrayah Ibrahim
  6. Khalid Mahmoud Hamada
  7. Alaa Mohamed Ahmed
  8. Mazin Alsheikh Abdelgadir
  9. Ayman Mohamed Alsharif
  10. Suha Mahmoud Abdelfattah

Top students by number of A’s

  1. Ayat Ali Alhaj:    19
  2. Amna Alhaj Hamad:    17
  3. Amna Abdelkarim Ismail: 17
  4. Khalid Mahmoud Hamada:    17
  5. Alaa Mohamed Ahmed:    17
  6. Lubaba Omer Albasheer:    17
  7. Rayan Omer Mohamed:    16
  8. Ibrahim Alrayah Ibrahim:    16
  9. Mazin Alsheikh Abdelgadir:    16
  10. Ayman Mohamed Alsharif:    15


Gender Distibution: 53% females and 47% males


Average grades by gender: The ladies did better in overall than the gents


Comparing semesters 1,2 results with semesters 3, 4 results; 25 students achieved better grades, 2 stayed the same and 82 had declining performance.


Out of the 109 finals, 46 students didn’t have any F in their 24 courses results


The F distribution ranges from 19 Students having one “F” to 2 students having 13 “F”


Amusing distribution of students first name letters:


Supp, Sub and Resit Examinations – January 2014

Time: 5:00 – 8:00 pm


D/MBA Semester 1

MBA semester 3


Essentials of Business Mgt

Mgt Principles



Fundamentals of Accounting

Fin Accounting

Corporate Finance


Business Statistics

Business Statistics

Adv Micro Economics


Foundations of Finance

Organization Behaviour

Adv Mgt Accounting


Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics

Marketing Strategies



Capital Markets


D/MBA Semester 2

MBA Semester 4


Organizational Behaviour

Financial Mgt




Cost & Mgt Accounting

Operations Mgt


Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics

Natural Resource Mgt


Managerial Accounting

Mgt Problems

Project Mgt


Marketing Management

Marketing Mgt

International Marketing



Macro Economics

Strategic Mgt

 Good luck

Batch 2014 MBA English test results:

  1. Abdalla Ahmed Adam
  2. Abdelazim Mohamed Abdelgadir
  3. Abdelaziz Merghani Saad
  4. Abdelmonim Dafalla Hassan
  5. Abdelmonim Hamid Mohamed Sharif
  6. Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdelrahman
  7. Abdelwahab Ali Altoum
  8. Abir Ibrahim Moamed
  9. Abir Mohamed Ahmed Ali
  10. Abubakr Dafalla Alhadi
  11. Abulgasim Ahmed Abulgasim
  12. Adam Noureldin Hamid
  13. Adil Faisal Abdallah
  14. Afra Omer Awad
  15. Ahmed Abulgasim Alkhidir
  16. Ahmed Adil Ahmed Sidahmed
  17. Ahmed Adil Mahjoub
  18. Ahmed Alnaeem Alamin
  19. Ahmed Faisal Abdelhai
  20. Ahmed Mirghani Abdelhafiz
  21. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Suliman
  22. Ahmed Mustafa Abdalla
  23. Ahmed Osman Aloob
  24. Ahmed Sidig Ahmed
  25. Aida Hassan Altayeb
  26. Alaa Abdalla Mustafa
  27. Alaa Abdelmonim Alamin
  28. Alaa Alsafi Gaffar
  29. Alaa Mutwakil Hassan
  30. Alaeldin Khalid Mohamed
  31. Alaeldin Rifaat Najmeldin
  32. Alamelhuda Abubakr Alrayah
  33. Alamin Alameldin Alamin
  34. Ali Mohamed Mohamed Ali
  35. Aljaili Alnaeem Alzaki
  36. Almoiz Alawad Fadlalla
  37. Almuntasir Salih Abdelrahman
  38. Alnasri Ahmed Hassan
  39. Alsading Musa Abushora
  40. Alsamoual Osman Muhieldin
  41. Alsharif Hussein Alhindi Osman
  42. Amal Ahmed Albashir Osman
  43. Amin Ali Alkhalifa
  44. Ammar Abdalla Alamin
  45. Amro Abdelaziz Alsheikh
  46. Amro Mohamed Elhadi
  47. Areej Hassan Ahmed
  48. Ashraf Osman Hassan
  49. Ashwag Heimor Hassan
  50. Asmaa Abdelhadi Osman
  51. Atif Abdelhadi Abdellatif
  52. Ayman Abdelmonim Amin
  53. Ayman Ibrahim Mohamed Ali
  54. Ayman Kamaleldin Mohamed
  55. Azza Ahmed Adbdalla
  56. Azza Ahmed Ali
  57. Bahaeldin Faisal Awad
  58. Baraa Babikir Abdelfadil
  59. Bashir Taha Haj Elsaid
  60. Duaa Samir Mohamed
  61. Fakia Abdelrahim Abdelhafiz
  62. Firas Mohamed Osman
  63. Gaffar Abdelhafiz Abdalla
  64. Gasim Kamal Abulgasim
  65. Hadia Hijazi Mohamed
  66. Hail Hamid Gabir
  67. Haitham Abdelgadir Salih
  68. Hanaa Awad Babiker
  69. Hanan Abdelrahman Mohamed
  70. Hassan Alamir Mohamed
  71. Hassan Alfatih Hassan
  72. Hiba Abdelrahim Mohamed
  73. Hind Izzeldin Osman Babikir
  74. Hind Mohamed Zein
  75. Huda Aljaili Mohamed Elhassan
  76. Husameldin Mohamed Toom
  77. Huzaifa Yousif Yasin
  78. Ibrahim Mohamed Kheir
  79. Ibtihal Hassan Ishag
  80. Ibtisam Sharafeldin Alamin
  81. Iejaz Hassan Ahmed
  82. Ihab Musa Mohamed Ahmed
  83. Ijlal Hassan Ishag
  84. Ilaf Awad Abdelkarim
  85. Iman Alameldin Altahir
  86. Iman Mustafa Ahmed
  87. Inas Abdelmunim Alkhidir
  88. Inas Karrar Sidig
  89. Inas Mhamed Zein
  90. Isra Abdelmonim Amin
  91. Israa Abdelhafiz Abdelrazig
  92. Israa Hassan Alamin
  93. Israa Mohamed Mirghani
  94. Israa Osman Abdalla
  95. Jone Makki Musa
  96. Khalda Noureldin Ismail
  97. Khalid Amin Abdeljalil
  98. Khalid Haidar Ahmed
  99. Khalid Mohamed Elhassan Alhaj
  100. Khalid Yousif Marhoum
  101. Leo Ya Khan
  102. Lyali Muhieldin Alkhalifa
  103. Magdi Abdalla Khalafalla
  104. Maha Hashim Ahmed
  105. Maha Mohamed Yasin
  106. Maha Osman Abdoun
  107. Maha Salaheldin Alkhalifa
  108. Mahmoud Abbas Abdelgadir
  109. Mahmoud Abdelwahid Mohamed
  110. Mahmoud Mohamed Mustafa
  111. Mai Altayeb Ahmed
  112. Mai Mohamed Ahmed
  113. Majzoub Abdelaziz Mohamed
  114. Malaz Abdallah Ali
  115. Mario Rafat Sulhi
  116. Marthad Abdelmonim Fadlalla
  117. Martin Ismail Ajo Kuku
  118. Marwa Abdalla Sidahmed
  119. Marwa Alhaj Mohamed
  120. Maryam Said Rajab
  121. Mhamed Mahmoud Taha Idris
  122. Mihad Abdalla Rajab
  123. Moawia Yousif Mohamed
  124. Mohamed Abdallah Abdelwahab
  125. Mohamed Almahdi Moawia Khalil
  126. Mohamed Almoiz Abdelrahman Mustafa
  127. Mohamed Alsheikh Fadul Albari
  128. Mohamed Anwar Hamid
  129. Mohamed Anwar Hamid
  130. Mohamed Awadallah Hussein
  131. Mohamed Eltaj Hassan Ahmed
  132. Mohamed Faisal Alamin
  133. Mohamed Hashim Seidahmed Osman
  134. Mohamed Hashim Yahia
  135. Mohamed Hassan Abbashar Ahmed
  136. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud
  137. Mohamed Huda Ahmed Hamid
  138. Mohamed Ibrahim Osman Abdelgadir
  139. Mohamed Jamaleldin Noureldin
  140. Mohamed Kamal Abdalla
  141. Mohamed Mahmoud Mohammed Elhaj
  142. Mohamed Muhieldin Mahmoud
  143. Mohamed Mustafa Ibrahim
  144. Mohamed Saeed Ahmed
  145. Mohamed Yousif Musa
  146. Mosab Osman Saeed
  147. Moustafa Mohamed Mohamed Salih
  148. Mowada Mohamed Sharaf Eldin
  149. Mubarak Abubakr Abdalla
  150. Mudathir Yousif Mohamed
  151. Muhamadein Mohamed Aldom
  152. Muhanad Abdelgadir Mohamed
  153. Muhanad Altigani Mohamed
  154. Muiz Mohamed Abdelrahman
  155. Mujahid Abdemonim Mohamed
  156. Mujahid Osman Mahjoub
  157. Mujtaba Omer Ahmed
  158. Muna Faisal Abdelrahman
  159. Muna Mohamed Yousif
  160. Mustafa Alsawi Mustafa
  161. Mustafa Alsharif Mohamed
  162. Mustafa Gaffar Mohamed
  163. Mustafa Omer Mohamed
  164. Nancy Sizar Archaglo
  165. Nasreldin Abbas Elbashir
  166. Nidal Abdelgadir Sidahmed
  167. Ohamed Toom Ahmed
  168. Omer Elhadi Ibrahim Hassan
  169. Omer Mahdi Ahmed
  170. Omer Mohamed Hassan Alhaj
  171. Omima Abdalla Mohamed
  172. Osama Izzedlin Abdalla
  173. Rana Musbah Abdalla Saeed
  174. Rania Yasin Ibrahim
  175. Rasha Abdelwahab Abdelkarim
  176. Rashid Salah Ahmed
  177. Razina Mohamed Alawad
  178. Reem Hisham Hassan
  179. Roa Alhaj Mohamedein
  180. Rufaida Hassan Mohamed
  181. Saa shamoon Abdelsalam
  182. Safa Abdelwahab Abdelrahman
  183. Safa Ismail Alsaid
  184. Salma Ali Zarroug
  185. Salma Salaheldin Mohamed
  186. Samah Imadeldin Ibrahim
  187. Samar Mohamed Abdelrahman
  188. Samer Alrasheed Musa
  189. Sami Hassan Mohamed
  190. Sami Noureldin Hussein
  191. Samona Mohamed Elfaki Ahmed
  192. Shadia Kamaleldin Hamza
  193. Shaima Mohamed Musa
  194. Shihab Mohamed Almusalmi
  195. Suhaib Mohamed Ahmed
  196. Tagia Yasir Hassan
  197. Tajeldin Khalid Fathelrahman
  198. Tilal Hakim Mohamed Ahmed
  199. Wadaheldin Adil Moahmed
  200. Wael Abdelgalil Karrar
  201. Wael Kamal Omer
  202. Wael Suliman Mohamed
  203. Wala Abdelrahman Hassan
  204. Waleed Mohamed Albashir
  205. Yasin Osman Sati
  206. Yomna Ahmed Mohamed
  207. Yousif Yahia Mohamed
  208. Yousra Abulgasim Ahmed

Finance Master candidates:

  1. Abubakr Omer Osman
  2. Yousra Shakir Abdelmageed
  3. Izzeldin Abdalla Ahmed
  4. Rayan Mohamed Ahmed
  5. Alsamani Ahmed Ali
  6. Waleed Abdelati Ahmed
  7. Samah Abdalla Mohamed
  8. Alaeldin Ismail Ishag
  9. Fatima Abdelaziz Mohamed
  10. Walieldin Mohamed Hussein
  11. Afaf Buraai Alfaki
  12. Mohamed Ali Albalola
  13. Ibrahim Suliman Mohamed
  14. Mohamed Abdo Abdalla

MBA Semester 2 candidates

  1. Motaz Abdin Mohamed Sharif
  2. Hanadi Ahmed Khalil
  3. Roa Ahmed Alsidig
  4. Yousra Awadelkarim Hamid
  5. Gaffar Mahdi Tiya
  6. Mohamed Abdelmonim Abdalla
  7. Sadah Ismail Khidir
  8. Safiya Abdelaziz Said
  9. Ahmed Mustafa Mohamed
  10. Khalid Mohamed Ibrahim
  11. Razan Omer Mohamed
  12. Adil Abdalla Ahmed
  13. Afaf Noureldin Ismail
  14. Mona Alfatih Altayeb Omer
  15. Nihal Mohamed Alhafiz
  16. Nuha Adil Anwar
  17. Hagir Mohamed Ibrahim
  18. Reel Sidig Alhassan
  19. Safiya Isam Hussein
  20. Mahjoub Fahmi Ahmed
  21. Mohamed Alkheir Alnaeem
  22. Hala Abusufian Musaad
  23. Mutwakil Mohamed Idris
  24. Fadwa Yagoub Mohamed
  25. Fayad Sheikh Idirs Ali
  26. Huyam Badrelidn Abdelgadir
  27. Sharif Mohamed Hussein
  28. Hiba Saadeldin Jalaleldin

All the MBA candidates who missed the English test can sit for another test on 3/1/2014 at 10:00 am. Please register at the graduate college secretary at the school, latest registration date is 2/1/2014. There is a 50 SDG pounds test fee.

Semester 4 Final Exams

Good luck

9/11/2013   Saturday

Human Resource Management

11/11/2013  Monday

Operations Management

13/11/2013  Wednesday

Strategic Management

16/11/2013  Saturday

Project Management

18/11/2013  Monday

International Marketing

20/11/2013  Wednesday

Natural Resource Management

 Time: 5:00 - 8:00 pm

The North-South Airline

In 2010, Northern Airlines* merged with Southeast Airlines to create the fourth largest U.S. carrier. The new North-South Airline inherited both an aging fleet of Boeing 737—200 aircraft and Stephen Ruth. Ruth was a tough former secretary of the navy who stepped in as new president and chairman of the board.Ruth’s first concern in creating a financially solid company was maintenance costs. It was commonly believed in the airline industry that maintenance costs rose with the age of the aircraft. Ruth quickly noticed that, historically, there has been a significant difference in reported B737—200 maintenance costs (from ATA Form 41s) both in the airframe and engine areas between Northern Airlines and Southeast Airlines, with Southeast having the newer fleet.On November 12, 2010, Ruth assigned Peg Young, vice president for operations and maintenance, to study the issue.

Specifically, Ruth wanted to know:

(1) whether the average fleet age was correlated to direct airframe maintenance costs and

(2) whether there was a relationship between average fleet age and direct engine maintenance costs.

Young was to report back with the answer, along with quantitative and graphical descriptions of the relationship, by November 26.First, Young had her staff construct the average age of Northern and Southeast B737-200 fleets, by quarter, since the introduction of the aircraft to service by each airline in late 2001 and early 2002.

The average age of each fleet was calculated by first multiplying the total number of calendar days that each aircraft had been in service at the pertinent point in time by the average daily utilization of the respective fleet to total fleet-hours flown. The total fleet-hours flown was then divided by the number of aircraft in service at that time, giving the age of the "average" aircraft in the fleet.The average utilization was found by taking the actual total fleet-hours flown at September 30, 2010, from Northern and Southeast data, and dividing by total days in service for all aircraft at that time. The average utilization for Southeast was 8.3 hours per day, and the average utilization for Northern was 8.7 hours per day. Because the available cost data were calculated for each yearly period ending at the end of the first quarter, average fleet age was calculated at the same points in time.

The fleet data are shown in the following table. Airframe cost data and engine cost data are both shown paired with fleet average age.

North-South Airline   Data for Boeing 737-200 Jets


Northern Airlines Data

Southeast Airlines   Data

Airframe Cost per   Aircraft

Engine Cost per   Aircraft

Average Age (hours)

Airframe Cost per   Aircraft

Engine Cost per   Aircraft

Average Age (hours)


















































*Dates and names of airlines and individuals have been changed in this case to maintain confidentiality. The data and issues described here are actual.

DISCUSSION QUESTION  Prepare Peg Young’s response to Stephen Ruth.

Human Resource Management Assignment

15 Marks


The Nile Valley is a private company operating in the agricultural and food processing sector in Sudan since 1985. Due to promising prospects, the company adopted a growth strategy to expand both the agricultural activities (area wise, new agricultural products and new processes and technologies) and the food processing business by establishing two new factories in addition to the already operating factories.


The company estimated the human resource needed to meet the requirement of the adopted growth strategy as follows:

  1. 10 senior agricultural engineers and 30 fresh agricultural graduates
  2. 2 general managers for the two factories plus 5 senior food processing engineers and 8 fresh graduates in the area of food processing
  3. 4 senior administrators in the fields of accounting and finance, IT and marketing

Task (1)

Suggest sources and methods of recruiting each of the above mentioned categories of staff

Task (2)

Recommend appropriate methods of selection for the recruited categories to ensure fitness of candidates to job

Task (3)

Propose whenever deemed necessary the appropriate training and development programs for the different categories of staff


The total number of assignment pages should not exceed 7 pages

The submission date is 30/10/2013

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