Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the management of an organization's human resources. It is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership, culture, and compliance with labor laws.

Human Resource Management Assignment

15 Marks


The Nile Valley is a private company operating in the agricultural and food processing sector in Sudan since 1985. Due to promising prospects, the company adopted a growth strategy to expand both the agricultural activities (area wise, new agricultural products and new processes and technologies) and the food processing business by establishing two new factories in addition to the already operating factories.


The company estimated the human resource needed to meet the requirement of the adopted growth strategy as follows:

  1. 10 senior agricultural engineers and 30 fresh agricultural graduates
  2. 2 general managers for the two factories plus 5 senior food processing engineers and 8 fresh graduates in the area of food processing
  3. 4 senior administrators in the fields of accounting and finance, IT and marketing

Task (1)

Suggest sources and methods of recruiting each of the above mentioned categories of staff

Task (2)

Recommend appropriate methods of selection for the recruited categories to ensure fitness of candidates to job

Task (3)

Propose whenever deemed necessary the appropriate training and development programs for the different categories of staff


The total number of assignment pages should not exceed 7 pages

The submission date is 30/10/2013


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