International Marketing

International Marketing

The seven criteria for describing a nation’s economy introduced at the beginning of this chapter can be combined in a number of different ways. For example, the United States can be characterized as follows:

  • Type of economy: Advanced industrial state
  • Type of government: Democracy with a multi-party system
  • Trade and capital flows: Incomplete free trade and part of trading bloc
  • The commanding heights: Mix of state and private ownership
  • Services provided by the state and funded through taxes: Pensions and education but not health care
  • Institutions: Transparency, standards, corruption is absent, a free press and strong courts
  • Markets: Free market system characterized by high risk/high reward entrepreneurial dynamism

Use the seven criteria found on pp. 42-43 to develop a profile of your country.

What implications does this profile have for marketing opportunities in the country?

Write your solution for the case on hard copy and submit it before the mid term exam, no late submission will be acceptable. hand writting is acceptable

Welcome back

This course "International Marketing" is very familiar to you as it will demonstrate the marketing concepts in international environment. The course will be in seminar basis the students will formed a group of 10 maximum. each group will have to hand in one topic .. write a concise report (Ms word format) and present it in class(PowerPoint format). The chapters presentation will be at same sequence of the course content provided. The same group team will also present a case study relevant to their topic. Below are the course content:


 2. The International Economic Environment & The Global Trade Environment
 3. The International Social and Cultural Environments
 4. The International Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments
 5. International Market Entry Strategies
 6. International MKG MGT: Planning & Organization
 7. International Information Systems and Market Research
 8. International Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
 9. Importing, Exporting, and Sourcing
 10. Product & Services Decisions in International Marketing
 11. International Pricing Decisions
 12. Marketing Channels and Physical Distribution in International Markets
 13. International Marketing Communications Decisions I: Advertising and Public Relations
 14. International Marketing Communications Decisions II: Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, and Special Forms of Marketing Communication


Cateora, P.R & Graham, J.L. International Marketing 13th E (2007), Irwin: New York.
Warren J. Keegan & Mark Green, Global Marketing, 7/E , Prentice Hall .

Supplementary reading

Czinkota, M., Ronkainen, I. (2009). International Marketing. 9th ed. TheDryden Press: New York.



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